Days Gone By

I went there the other day

The country road is paved

There’s even a traffic light near the corner store

I pulled in our drive

Ruts rattled my car

I thought of the times we had

Most good

Can’t remember any bad

I stood in the yard

The apple tree…

Conspiracy Theory or Just Food for Thought?

Okay. This is a little bit out there. Food for thought? A conspiracy theory? I don’t know. Maybe I just need to finish constructing my tin foil hat.

Bear with me and see if you can follow my train of thought. And if you think that train has a good…

Yes, I really did see an Unidentified Flying Object

Every afternoon between 4 and 5 P.M. my dog, Silver, and I sit in the shade in the front yard of our apartment building. We breathe fresh air, relax, and de-stress from the day’s activities.

Silver lays in the grass and I sit on a little retaining wall. In between…

Old Habits Die Hard

Out of habit and without thinking twice about it, I picked up the phone to call my Mum today. I stopped mid-dial with a reflective pause, then hung up.

She passed away almost twenty years ago.

My Mum was always my go-to person. Whenever I needed to talk, she was…

Dream, Reality, or Both?

Like most normal people I have a nightly routine. Around 9 PM I take my dog, Silver, an 11 year old, 111 lb. Silver Labrador Retriever for her last walk of the day. Then I get ready for bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, do all the things that…

Chapter 1 — Picking up a Babe in Sin City — A Totally True Tale

Chapter 1 — Picking up a Babe in Sin City — A Totally True Tale

My Mum lives in Las Vegas. Picture this… Retired old lady, cruising around the casinos on her little electric scooter, oxygen tank hanging off the back, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and one arm…

I’ve been called a misogynist, a racist, and a sexist because…

Over the past couple of days on Social Media I’ve been ganged-up on and called a misogynist, a racist, and a sexist because I did not, and do not, support Senator Kamala Harris in her bid for Vice President of the United States of America.

I do not like the…

Dreams, Dementia, and Death.

My dad came to visit me last night. But it’s probably not what you think.

I live in Burbank, California — almost thirty years now. My dad lives 3000 miles away in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He’s been there for almost all of his eighty-eight years. He’s a great guy…

Lon Casler Bixby

Professional photographer and published author in various genres: Fiction, Poetry, Humor, Photography, & Comic Books.

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