Epic Fail — Nachos

Life is…

Lon Casler Bixby
3 min readSep 9, 2022


Photo by Lon Casler Bixby

I was sitting at my desk today — thinking about my work in progress, and all the creative ideas I have for future WIPs. Too many, actually. All just a jumbled mish-mash of random thoughts that drift in and out of my imagination, waiting to be captured and turned into the next great novel, but still elusive enough for me to avoid actually making any progress in doing so.

Basically, I was just day-dreaming. It was a lazy day. Cloudy, with a slight chance of rain. Just the right weather to either take a nap, or make some comfort food. I choose the latter.

Besides, it was already time for lunch. Actually, more like second breakfast. But it didn’t matter. I was hungry, and I was craving nachos — the perfect comfort food on a cloudy day.

Mmm, nachos.

Of course, I was too lazy and broke to order out. So, like I always do, I decided to make homemade nachos. Much better tasting anyway.

Blue corn chips and sharp cheddar cheese covered in salsa. Yum.

I like to keep it fairly simple, but I never do. I always have to add my own flair, or should I say — flavour? I can’t do much with the chips or cheese, so that leaves the salsa. Mmm, salsa. Salsa is what makes for fantastic nachos. And no matter which store-bought brand you prefer, they always need a little…



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